Plant Maintenance

NPTS professionals with more than 30 years of experience gained in the military and/or airline industry coupled with commercial nuclear industry experience can design a specific program to assist you in reliability centered maintenance (RCM) program development or maintenance.

Using RCM techniques, we can develop Preventive Maintenance Programs based on equipment effects on plant operation, safety and availability. Predictive Maintenance Technology including state-of-the-art diagnostic and trend analysis techniques can be applied to evaluate equipment performance and can predict near term failures.

Plant Maintenance

Maintenance Program Review and Development

NPTS provides Senior Maintenance Professionals in support of utility development of consolidating maintenance programs. These services are in the areas of maintenance department, administration, procedures upgrade, INPO recommendation implementation, response to resolving NRC issues or implementing NRC NUREGs.

Plant Maintenance

Maintenance Procedure Development

NPTS provides on site professionals to assist the utility in developing state-of-the-art graphically illustrated user friendly maintenance component and task specific procedures for mechanical, electrical and I&C Systems.

Plant Maintenance

Component Database

NPTS offers the full range of capabilities and has extensive experience for plant equipment and source database information collection, data verification and quality control, database loading, generation of resource listing, reports and related database output documents. NPTS recognizes that usefulness of the database is highly dependent on accuracy and completeness of resource information contained in the database.

NPTS can perform all activities associated with developing, loading, updating and maintaining resource databases as comprehensive as SIMS, MMIS and/or PC databases.