Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


NPTS, Inc. provides a complete range of Quality Assurance Program Services, including:

  • Quality Program Assessment and Development
  • Audits, Surveys and Management Reviews
  • Procurement Quality Services
  • Outage and Operations Staff Support

QA Assessment and Development

NPTS, Inc.  provides highly qualified individuals to assist utilities and other organizations with QA program development, implementation and assessment. Specific areas of expertise and capabilities are:

  • Program and Procedure Assessment / Evaluation
  • Review of Operations and Support Functions
  • QA/QC Program, Manual and Procedure Preparation
  • Organization/Management Consulting
  • Training for New or Revised Programs / Manuals / Procedures
  • Staff Support Assistance in Implementation
  • Trend Analysis Support

Procurement Quality Services

NPTS, Inc.  provides qualified and certified QA engineers, certified lead auditors and examiners to perform evaluations, audits and surveillance of suppliers, manufacturers and contractors.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Program Review and Evaluation
  • Engineering, QA and Purchasing Prcurement Effectiveness
  • Procurement Document Review
  • Vendor QA Program Review
  • Establishing Hold and/or Witness Points
  • Preparing Source Inspection Procedures or Checklists
  • Performing Source Inspection
  • Performing Program Implementation Audits
  • Surveillance of Vendor Activities